About the Seminar


In the present economic, political, societal and environmental landscape, beset by the COVID-19 pandemic, the emergence of a plethora of challenges and issues that need an immediate and urgent policy response is more intense than ever. Policy makers, international organizations and governmental or non-state institutions around the globe are seeking effective policies, as they try to tackle severe issues that affect all aspects of the economy and agriculture, including the food sector. The urgent issues of climate change, obesity, food waste and sustainability are now at the epicenter of the political debate for a new and effective agricultural policy in Europe. Political developments such as trade negotiations, the post-Brexit economic landscape in Europe and global regional political initiations are integrated into the political agenda worldwide. The digitization of the economy, the innovativeness of new technologies and the so-called stay-at-home/work-from-home economy are shaping a landscape where new efficient policy tools are needed for the design of direct and acute new policies.


The 179th EAAE seminar’s objectives are to bring together scholars and researchers that will exchange ideas, practices and research initiatives that cover all relevant current modeling developments for assisting policy making decisions in agriculture and the agri-food industry in response to the urgent issues of the global economy and the subsequent prevailing societal and environmental conditions. In particular, the Seminar aspires to create a forum for the enhancement of modelling development for policy design, application and monitoring on a global scale. Therefore, both empirical and methodological research papers are equally welcome. Selected papers presented at the seminar will be published in a Journal Special Issue or in an Editor’s multi-author book.