Seminar topics

  1. Modelling dealing with the Agricultural Policy Assessment
  2. Modelling tools for Agricultural Policy Analysis
  3. Quantitative modeling and qualitative tools addressing the impacts of Agricultural Policy on natural resources
  4. Data, tools and models to measure the environmental and economic performance of agriculture
  5. Policy on required structural changes in the agro-food sector in an era of quick and dramatic changes (climate change, pandemic threats, artificial intelligence, technological and political disruptions)
  6. Modelling and measuring structural change for farms and food firms
  7. Modelling consumer responses to environmental issues and changes in the food choice environment
  8. Policy measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation in agriculture
  9. Crisis management tools in the agro-food Supply Chain
  10. Sustainability of the rural environment, livelihoods and ecosystems
  11. Strengthening of food supply chains, food safety and food security
  12. EU policy to enhance sustainability
  13. Trends and policies affecting the structure of the agro-food market and trade
  14. Agriculture and environment in the context of the CAP post-2020