THURSDAY, 09 September 2021

08:30 – 9:30

Conference Center of CIHEAM-MAICh

09:30 – 11:00

Room: ARISTOTLE (in hybrid form)

Introductory session, Key-Note Speakers

Chair: Konstadinos Mattas

Welcoming address:
George Baourakis, Director CIHEAM-MAICh

Analytical challenges for the new CAP,
Tassos Haniotis, DG for Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission, Belgium

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee break

11:30 – 13:00



The agro-food sector in an era of quick changes

Room: ARISTOTLE (in hybrid form)

Chair:  Jose Maria Gil

The contribution of informal and citizen-driven food initiatives in the post-Covid-19 food system in 9 European cities

Ruggeri Giordano - Volpe Francesca - Petruzzella Damiano - Walthall Beatrice - Schafer Luke - Wascher Dirk - Barjolle Dominique - Henriksen Christian Bugge 

The impact of Covid-19 on the Catalan agro-food supply chain

Guesmi Bouali - Escobar Cristina - Taghouti Ibtissem - Gil José María

The impact of COVID-19 lockdown and consumers’ risk preference and perceptions on food purchasing and consumption behaviour in Spain

li Shanshan - Kallas Zein - Rahmani Djamel - Gil José Maria  

Session 1b
Food security and food choices


Chair:  Stefano Corsi

Reducing food waste through institutional innovations: scenarios of food loss and waste reduction through a virtuous use of withdrawal

Di Fiore Gianluca - Carloni Elisa - Giordano Claudia - Falasconi Luca

Why go on vacation to Crete? Assessing the role of local cuisine

Kleisiari Christina - Kartakis Stelios - Kleftodimos Georgios - Kyrgiakos Leonidas- Sotirios - Vlontzos George

A multifactor and multidisciplinary approach for the development of Integrated Urban Food Policies (IUFPs). The case study of Bari

Corsi Stefano - Marzano Vitandrea - Giordano Simona - Ottomano Palmisano - Bottalico Francesco - El Bilali Hamid - Petruzzella Damiano - Volpe Francesca - Mazzocchi Chiara - Bonifazi Alessandro


Innovation and ICT in agriculture


Chair: Dimitrios Diamantidis

Factors affecting farmers’ decision to adopt innovative circular farming practices and solutions in EU.

Ornelas Selene - Kallas Zein - Serebrennikov Dmytro - Fernández Belén - Mantovi Paolo - Grassauer Florian - Holba Mark - McCarthy Sinead

Evaluating SMEs readiness to embrace innovative projects through a clustering approach

Jamai Kaoutar - De Steur Hans - Abidar Ali - Gellynck Xavier

Governing digitalization in the EU agricultural sector.  Enabling factors and hurdles

Doukas Yannis - Maravegias Napoleon - Chrysomallidis Charalampos

Twitter as indicator of new trends in the digital transformation process of the agri-food sector

Ancín María - Pindado Emilio - Sánchez Mercedes

13:00 – 14:30

Lunch (Restaurant Mediterranean outdoors)

14:30 – 16:00


Session 2a
Policy measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation in agriculture


Chair: George Vlontzos

Climate Change Extreme events and Risk Assessment in the Agricultural Sector

Diamantidis Dimitrios

Analysing the impact of economic growth, energy intensity, agri-food trade on CO2 emission: the case of the European Union

Balogh Jeremiás Máté

Adaptation of agricultural holdings to climate change: An impact assessment for the production plan of Central Macedonia in Greece under different climate scenarios

Moulogianni Christina - Georgilas Ioannis - Vlontzos George - Bournaris Thomas

Dealing with future challenges in agriculture


Chair:  Maria Glibetic

Arable agriculture under climate change and the Post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy: the case of Podlaskie Region

Jurga Piotr - Rozakis Stelios 

Green deal: Beyond a new era of agricultural exceptionalism?

Miglietta  Pier Paolo - Masi Margherita  - Coluccia  Benedetta  - Vecchio Yari  - Adinolfi  Felice 

Competitiveness, Sustainability Performances and Policy Options in the Sheep Meat Sector of Mediterranean countries

Jayari Abir - Natos Dimitrios - Mattas Konstadinos - Baourakis George

Towards improving sustainable food systems for healthy diets and nutrition in Central and South Eastern Europe

Mirjana Gurinovic - Maria Glibetic - Jelena Milesevic - Milica Zekovic - Maria Ranić - Maria Knez

Session 2c
Trends and policies affecting the structure of the agro-food market and trade

Room: ARISTOTLE (in hybrid form)

Chair:  Klaus Salhofer

Assessing the role of Measure 6.1 start-up aid for young farmers in export orientation: Evidence from Greek agricultural sector

Staboulis Christos - Natos Dimitrios - Tsakiridou Efthimia - Gkatsikos Alexandros -Mattas Konstadinos

Strengthening the position of farmers in the value chain - selected findings from Austria

Sinabell Franz - Pröll Simon - Grüneis Heidelinde

The Impact of Size, Intensity and Natural Conditions on Productivity in Dairy Farming

Eva Scheichel - Klaus Salhofer - Ulrich Morawetz

16:00 – 16:30

Coffee break

16:30 – 17:00


The importance of meat production in the economic performance of intensive dairy farms

Koutouzidou Georgia - Theodoridis Alexandros - Ragkos Athanasios - Economou Vangelis - Arsenos Georgios

Agent-based support tool for the development of agriculture policies

Leyva Guerrero Carlos - Mattas Konstadinos - Deligkiozi Ioanna - Pelopida Myrto – Veneziani Mario - Eranio Giorgia - Baranowsk Piotr - Arce Alicia - Díaz Barroso César -
Koç Ahmet Ali - Bojar Waldemar - Tsiantis Nikolaos

Optimal Water Allocation of Paphos Irrigation Project Based on Crop Water Production Functions

Petrou Kyriaki - Georgiou Pantazis - Mattas Christos

Fork-to-farm agent-based simulation tool augmenting BIOdiversity in the agri-food VALUE chain

Mattas Kontadinos - Lamprinakis Lampros - Csillag Peter - Schaer Burkhard - Katsiotis Andreas - Barilli Eleonora - Laanisto Lauri - Xoplaki Elena - Yercan Murat - Malorgio Giulio - Deligkiozi Ioanna - Zambakhidze Nino - Leyva Guerrero Carlos - Glibetic Marija - Rossi Daniel - Manek Gwendolyn - Baourakis George

17:00 – 18:30



Room: ARISTOTLE (in hybrid form)

Chair: Franz Sinabell

Wet acid scrubber as abatement system of emission in pig barns: Life Cycle Assessment in the framework of the Life MEGA project

Conti Cecilia - Costantini Michele - Bacenetti Jacopo - Orsi Luigi - Stellini Claudia - Ganzaroli Andrea - Guarino Marcella

Urban agri-food policies in the Southern Mediterranean

Capone Roberto - El Bilali Hamid - Ottomano Palmisano Giovanni - Bottalico Francesco

Modelling and measuring outdoor amenities

Josipović Sonja - Stojanović Žaklina - Dragutinović Mitrović Radmila - Kokeza Gordana

A novel traceability approach to reinforce sustainable agri-food supply chains

Foivos Anastasiadis - Apostolidou Ioanna - Michailidis Anastasios

Incorporating the abolishment of the historical entitlements in the CAP strategic plan: The case of Greece

Kremmydas Dimitrios - Tsiboukas Konstantinos - Klonaris Stathis - Nellas Elefterios – Rozakis Stelios

Playing with the Mediterranean Diet: may little changes benefit the environment without compromising health?

Cavaliere Alessia - De Marchi Elisa - Frola Enrica Nadia - Bacenetti Jacopo - Orlando Francesco - Banterle Alessandro


Dinner – Cretan Night (Restaurant Mediterranean outdoors)


FRIDAY, 10 September 2021

9:30 – 11:00


Session 4A
The role of cooperartives and rural tourism


Chair:  Nikos Kalogeras

Strategic Direction of the Agricultural Cooperative "STEVIA HELLAS": Aspects of members and executives

Papadopoulos Sarantis - Sergaki Panagiota

Analyzing Visitors’ Satisfaction at the National Park of Samaria

Fakotakis George - Tiganis Antonis - Manousakis Tilemachos - Baourakis George – Mamalis Spyridon - Grigoroudis Evangelos - Zopounidis Constantin

Branding Tourism Destinations through Sustainability Performance: experiences from the Mediterranean region

Glyptou Kyriaki - Kalogeras Nikolaos - Skuras Dimitrios  - Spilanis Ioannis

What Drives Cooperatives' & Member-owned Firms’ Performance?

Kalogeras  Nikos  - Pennings Joost M.E. - Benos  Theo 

Session 4b
Modelling dealing with the Agricultural Policy Assessment

Room: ARISTOTLE (in hybrid form)

Chair: Ahmet Ali KOC

Is CAP's Young Farmers Scheme an effective policy tool for regional growth?

Gkatsikos Alexandros - Natos Dimitrios - Staboulis Christos - Mattas Konstadinos - Psaltopoulos Demetrios – Polymeros Apostolos

Young farmers scheme in Greece: Geographic inequality and policy implications

Natos Dimitrios - Mattas Konstadinos - Tsakiridou Efthimia - Tsagris Michail - Markopoulos Theodoros

A Synthesis on Agent-Based Impact Assessment Models from the Perspective of the EU Rural Development Policy (RDP) Measures

Koç Ahmet Ali - Çağatay Selim - Veneziani Mario - Báez-González Pablo - Leyva-Guerrero Carlos - Uysal Peyman - Filippini Rosalia

Session 4C
Sustainable policies and practices in farming and rural development


Chair:  Linde Götz

Initiating agro-ecological transitions: Taking steps toward sustainable resource management to increase economic viability in mid-sized arable grain-protein-oil cropping farms in Hungary

Balazs Katalin - Szilagyi Alfred - Podmaniczky Laszlo

Factors influencing the willingness-to-buy for CRISPR/Cas Gen-Edited tomatoes: Evidence from a case study in Germany

Götz Linde - Dörr Theresa - Svanidze Miranda

Achieving food security via resilient agri-food supply chains in the UAE: a conceptual framework

Manikas Ioannis - Sundarakani Balan - Anastasiadis Foivos - Ali Beshir

11:00 – 11:30

Coffee break


11:30 – 13:00


Session 5A
Data, tools and models to measure the environmental and economic performance of agriculture


Chair:  Georgios Kleftodimos

Capturing the role of income support in the survival of pastoral farms: A comparative study of three Mediterranean areas

Ragkos Athanasios - Varela Elsa - Franca Antonio - Karatassiou Maria - Parissi Zoi -  Capdevila Carmen - Lecegui Antonio  - Vallejos Rosana 

The dynamics of farm income: The case of olive farming in Spain

Gomez-Limόn José A. - Sanchez Canizares Sandra M.

Is it feasible a modification of feeding protocol in Greek dairy cattle industry? The case of CROPFEED project

Kleftodimos Georgios - Kyrgiakos Leonidas - Moulogianni Christina - Vlontzos Georgios

Estimating the effects of an agricultural producer subsidy on the availability and accessibility of fruit, vegetables and pulses in France

Prosperi Paolo - Kleftodimos Georgios

Session 5B
Modelling tools for Policy Analysis

Room: ARISTOTLE (in hybrid form)

Chair:  Chema Jose Maria Gil

The Impact of Tax Policies on Alcoholic Beverages Demand in Turkey

Koç Ahmet Ali - Aşcı Serhat - Uysal Peyman

The effect of financial and non-financial factors on the productivity and profitability of goat industry: A modeling approach to structural equations

Tsiouni MariaMamalis Spyridon – Aggelopoulos Stamatis

Understanding Heterogeneous Consumer Preferences for Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Attribute Cues: The Case of Honey in Greece

Tiganis Antonios - Kalogeras Nikos - Tsakiridou Efthimia

The effectiveness of a carbon neutral tax policy on the carbon neutral goal in Spain

Dogbe Wisdom - Gil Jose Maria

13:15 – 13:30


Room: ARISTOTLE (in hybrid form)

Konstadinos Mattas - Closing Remarks


Lunch (Restaurant Mediterranean outdoors)




09 September 2021

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